1 Dozen Pods - Honduras, Toque de Cacao

1 Dozen Pods - Honduras, Toque de Cacao

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You asked and we heard you! Our most popular coffee - Honduras (Toque de Cacao) is now available in single serving pods! Even better, our pods are 100% recyclable AND contain a full 15 grams of coffee. Compare this to most K-cups and you’ll see that you are getting 30% more coffee per single serving!

One of our testers has a machine that lets them brew 8 oz., 10 oz, or 12 oz. cups - but his previous K-cups had so little coffee in them that he could only brew the 8 oz. cup. With the Kraken 15 gram pod, he first tried the 10 oz and was pleasantly surprised at the strength of the brew. On day 2 he brewed the 12 oz with the Kraken 15 gram pod and said it was delicious. “I think you’re onto something, bro!” we’re his exact words. 🤣

So if you’d like the greatness of Specialty Grade, just-roasted Kraken Coffee in a single serving pod, here’s your chance!

Introductory priced at $14/box of 12 pods. If you know someone with a single-serve brewer, pass the word! (Or better yet, gift them a pod or two!) ☕️😃☕️