About Kraken Coffee Roasters

As a long-time hobby coffee roaster, I've long enjoyed my Just Roasted coffee (and serving it to guests) from coffee-producing countries around the world. Now we are taking it to the Next Level as a Cottage Food biz that is serious about providing freshly-roasted Specialty Grade Coffees to our customers. Our Microroaster is based in Kearney, Nebraska but happy to ship to any U.S. mailing address (or elsewhere - email us for details!).

Many people have never tasted FRESHLY ROASTED, Specialty Grade coffee. The coffee you are buying in the grocery aisle, for example, is likely Commodity Grade coffee and has been in the supply chain, warehouse, or store shelf for Who Knows How Long. Kraken Coffee is different: We roast to order and are proud to put the Roasted-On Date right on the label. Your coffee was roasted days ago, not months ago - and you will taste the difference in your cup!

You can follow Kraken Coffee Roasters at http://www.facebook.com/KrakenCoffeeRoasters
We appreciate your LIKES and SHARES of our posts and will be announcing new coffee origins' availability there, along with other news about our growing microroastery. Feel free to comment or send us messages through Facebook Messenger (where you can also order for local pick-up or delivery!).

Nebraska Cottage Food Law Compliance Language:
This food product was prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to regulation and inspection by the regulatory authority and may contain allergens.