Tonino Roast Color Meter - Simple, Tiny, Affordable
Tonino Roast Color Meter - Simple, Tiny, Affordable

Tonino Roast Color Meter - Simple, Tiny, Affordable

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From Marko Luther (and team) responsible for the amazing Artisan Scope software for profiling roasts, comes this amazing 2nd Generation Roast Color Meter. It is small enough to fit inside a standard portafilter basket and it works wirelessly using its internal battery that also charges wirelessly when the device sits on its USB base station.

So simple to use: Calibrate on the included Red/Green color disks, then lift and set down on your ground coffee sample. Almost instantly you get a numeric value that you can record as a consistency data point for your roastery operations. Combined with your cupping and roast profile information, the Tonino value helps the roaster to enhance consistency in the end product.

Not to be missed is the opportunity to use it in evaluating potential customers' current coffees, as well. With the roast color values of the coffee(s) they currently brew, you are in a better position to make recommendations or return samples with similar (or different) roast color values for them to sample and evaluate.

Either way, the Tonino, with it's small footprint and attractive case, will be just another indication that YOU are serious about your coffees in a way those without one cannot match.

Finally, choosing a Tonino is a great way to support Marko Luther and his team for their amazing efforts to create and improve Artisan Scope software, which remains FREE for anyone to use.

Included items

  • Tonino roast color meter
  • Micro-USB cable, ~0.3m
  • Wireless charging base
  • Calibration set

Required accessory (not included)

  • USB Power supply (e.g. PC, Laptop, USB-hub, USB power adapter)
  • Standard espresso basket and tamper
  • 20g fine ground coffee